Fiilex AL250 Drone Light

Fiilex AL250 Drone Light For Photographers and Videographers

The Fiilex AL250 drone light, is first aerial lighting solution, redefines lighting control by mounting to any drone with a minimum payload capacity of at least 0.6lbs (270g).

The intensity of this compact fixture matches a 200-watt tungsten bulb while drawing only 30 watts of power making it one of our most efficient fixtures yet.

The AL250 features special fresnel optics designed to leverage Fiilex’s Dense Matrix technology.

These optics focus the flicker-free beam, more than doubling its center lux.

The unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which attaches directly to its housing, allowing the light to operate independently for a duration of 25 minutes.

Expand your lighting capabilities in exciting new ways with the new AL250.

Fiilex al250 drone light Fiilex AL250 Drone Light - PhotometricFigure AL250 01 1024x714 - Fiilex AL250 Drone Light
Fiilex al250 drone light


  • Attaches to Drone via GoPro mount
  • 200W Tungsten Equivalent Output – 30W Power Draw
  • Integrated Fresnel Optics
  • Power for 25 Minutes with removable / rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery


For his new project Lux Noctis, photographer Reuben Wu lit and photographed landscapes at night by mounting powerful LED lights to GPS-enabled drones.

Drones are widely used as flying cameras these days, but Wu wanted to use them as flying lights. Using a prototype AL250 light by a company called Fiilex, mounted to the 3DR Solo drone, Wu artificially illuminated massive formations in the North American landscape for his fine art photos.

Fiilex has created an LED that you can mount on a 3DR drone and use from the sky. This has ramifications in the film and light painting world, and it’s really kind of amazing.

Fiilex Site

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